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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

01 February 2010

Just because I like it longer

Why I like it longer?

They says, the longer the better! Don't believe me? 

The tall girl = long legs + long body = ATTRACTIVE
The short girl = short legs + short body = UNATTRACTIVE

And, because it's sexier if it's longer!
Flat chest = tiny (no?) cleavage = NOT SEXY
Larger chest = long (huge/deep) cleavage = SEXY

Now, don't you wonder what it is all about. OK, it's time to reveal the 'Supermodel' phone.
This is sexier than those girls and boobs right? Now, did you get what I mean? (*wink. *wink)

And also, because it's more controversial than ever.

Well, some says the longer, the merrier, aren't they?

Finally, it's all because I can't find any other reason of why can I not like it longer. sigh.

Fall in love at first sight. I guess first impression does matter, after all. 

*picture credits to Google and LG


  1. brape byk dh duit nuffnang ko..skrg ckp psl isu2 semase je..hikhik..:P

  2. ilah:tak weh, aku nk try win contest. nk beli sendre tak mampu! huhu

  3. athie gila besar breast pompuan tu.lemas!lemas!tolong!tolong!huahhahhhahahaha!!!eyp,panjang sgt pon xcantik utk sesuatu.eg breast.ok kaki panjang itu mmg cantik.tp kaki aku cantik gak ape.nk tengok?????PM!ngeh2 :P xpuas ati eh ;)tp isu panjang itu tak seharusnya diletak pd status lg athie.mengundang kekotoran pd otak2 org yg mengomen.aku malu terlibat disitu! hahahahha!!!

  4. baru tau malu ke pusat? hahahahha!

  5. PYSAD: lek ak.. malu ke? nk aku remove ke? hahaha. nk mng henfon nih..(bajet bole menang ah) hahaha

  6. xpyh remove athie.aku malu2 kucing comel je :">

  7. PYSAD: ko mmg.. malu tp mahu! gatal! hahahaha

  8. pysad, suke yg besar dan panjang..:)

  9. feera: sume dah tau .. hahaha


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