Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

26 November 2014

Preloved Tutu Princess Dress (Minaz Boutique)

Tutu Princess Dress Peach & Tiffany to let go. Hanya ada gambar dari fb je. Real picture will be updated soon. 

Condition: Brand new. Never worn before.
Size : L

Description: Material: Silk crepe satin (upper body) with SOFT NET fully-lined (bottom skirt)
Diamond belt attached to give chic look.
Breast Feeding friendly (zipper front and back with dummy buttons)
Zipper sleeves for Wudhu'

Price : RM150 (postage included)

Serious buyer only. Please ask all questions before buying. 
Email: sh.athiey@gmail.com

08 September 2014

Nes semester new beginning? HMphhhh

Day 1
Semester 1 2014/2015

New semester has started, and I don't feel excited as everyone else.

03 September 2014

New semester is just around the corner. For me it just means:


Nasiblah jadi pensyarah cabuk je kat sini. Bilalah nak tukar jadi pensyarah tak cabuk ni. Asyik dibuli je. Stress mak. HAHA

29 August 2014

Things that annoyed me - No. 1

I'm not sure about you.. but for me this is currently annoyed me the most.
You know..that feeling when you are browsing your fb newsfeed and spotted a post from one of my (too many) fb groups which received a lot of comments. And you thought "hmm.. this must be an interesting topic.. hence, a lot of response received". But, the moment you click to view the other comments, you just see those (deretan f or follow). Do you get what I mean? Something like this:

Tengoklah. Berjela-jela komennya. Tapi takde satu pon yang menjawab soalan from the post owner. Bukan nak cakap apalah..tapi kalau boleh janganlah mengarut sangat tulis f la follow lah.. fffff lah. Kalau malas sangat or takde idea sangat nak reply apa.. just turn on the notification from the post. Ok, people? Here's how to do it :

02 March 2014

Prolonged jaundice...again?

Bosan sungguh tempoh berpantang anak kedua ni.
Yihaaa.. Dua dah handbag aku kan..
Oh, hari ni genap 30 hari umur my little daughter.

Happy 1 month aufa sofiyya. Mama love you soo much (and abg lupi and ayah, of course).
Semoga cepatlah hilang jaundice tu. Hope all the tests shows nothing serious.


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