Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

29 August 2014

Things that annoyed me - No. 1

I'm not sure about you.. but for me this is currently annoyed me the most.
You know..that feeling when you are browsing your fb newsfeed and spotted a post from one of my (too many) fb groups which received a lot of comments. And you thought "hmm.. this must be an interesting topic.. hence, a lot of response received". But, the moment you click to view the other comments, you just see those (deretan f or follow). Do you get what I mean? Something like this:

Tengoklah. Berjela-jela komennya. Tapi takde satu pon yang menjawab soalan from the post owner. Bukan nak cakap apalah..tapi kalau boleh janganlah mengarut sangat tulis f la follow lah.. fffff lah. Kalau malas sangat or takde idea sangat nak reply apa.. just turn on the notification from the post. Ok, people? Here's how to do it :

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